The Black Sea cultural inventory project is a regional project for DOKAP, affiliated to the ministry of industry and technology.

It is a multi-disciplinary project whose main objective is to add cultural and natural heritage to the development-driven economy with a sustainable program within the balance of use and protection and to increase the brand value of the region.

The strategic objective of the project is to provide an intellectual basis for the development policies developed by the state in the region. In this way, the state authorities will make a decision on the culture and nature in the region and will rely on the academic knowledge we produce in this project.

The project covers eight Black Sea cities (Artvin Samsun Rize Ordu Giresun Trabzon Gumushane and Bayburt)

The project consists of seven main components:

1- Inventory of immovable cultural assets (historical and archaeological monuments, historical roads and valleys, etc.) in the balance of use and protection.

2 – Inventory of natural assets (monumental trees, ecological valleys, caves, etc.) in the balance of use and protection.

3 – Analysis of intangible cultural assets (folk culture) in a way to transform into a cultural economy in accordance with UNESCO standards and produce strategic policies.

4 – Inventory determination of museums in the region.

5 – Developing a cultural resource management software for effective management and publishing all the produced content through the web portal.

6 – Production of documentary and promotional films related to the above related components.

7 – Writing and publishing 14 volumes of books using all this information.

Project web site : http://www.karadeniz.gov.tr

  • Client DOKAP
  • Date 10 June 2019
  • Tags Animation, Design, Industrial Design, Photography, Software, Web Development