About us


Tmarka produces solutions according to the needs of customers, not according to their wishes.


With a multi-disciplinary approach, Tmarka has gained a unique talent, especially in “integrated solutions sayesinde.

It has spent this ability to turn the basic principles and assumptions that will make customer satisfaction into indispensable lines. It has produced a total sense of quality and trust both on its employees and on its customers.

Tmarka attaches importance to creating and sustaining loyalty from customer satisfaction that is formed by mutual quality and trust awareness. It concludes its business and application processes in accordance with the expectations and needs of customers from the moment it undertakes the project.


Tmarka is a company built by 25 years of solid tradition that has gained experience by progressing step by step with an understanding that prioritizes service quality and customer satisfaction.

Tmarka has started its activities in the advertising and communication market in 1994 and has expanded by adding informatics, production, research and consultancy services.